As I sit here listening to Mumford & Sons and slowly getting ready to go to New Girl Induction for ASC, it makes me take in the blessings of Monday nights. I think these nights will be the ones I miss most after college. Luckily, I still have two more years of Monday meetings and being surrounded by over 200 beautiful girls who all have the same goal in mind. Isn't that wonderful?

ASC has taught me to open up to people and the Lord has softened my heart in order for me to spill my mess with the girls of this organization. I'm so grateful for girls that know my heart and choose to hang out with me anyways. If it weren't for ASC, I wouldn't be in College Station. I probably would have given up already. The heartbeat of ASC is what keeps me wanting to change this college town. I want A&M to be more than a decent football team or tens of thousands of students with weird traditions that no one understands but us. I want people to drive down 6 and into College Station and realize that we are different. We are covered by the blood of Christ and we will never be the same. I want us to be able to carry each other's burdens and always know that we're never alone. ASC has brought that to me and I'm ready to spread it all over campus. Are you with me?

Lord, help me to cast away all of the demons that tell me that I can't make a difference in this world. Take away the guilt of not being good enough and constantly whisper that You have called ME. Thank you for waiting for me even after I choose 100 things before you. You are my choice.