Things are good. I have so much to look forward to. Here's a run-down on the month of February. This weekend I will tailgate at the superbowl with a wonderful friend and a bunch of cool people I have yet to meet. So awesome. I can't imagine how crazy Arlington is going to be but it will be fun! Weekend after = Birthday weekend #1 in College Station, seeing my small group, Justin Bieber movie at midnight, Giraffe birthday cake, bestfriends, combined birthday party with Madalyn, and FBC. So. Many. Blessings. The weekend after that is birthday weekend #2 in Los Angeles. YES, PLEASE. This will include over 10 tourist-like things and a dodge charger rental car. Maybe throw in some Disney Land (I've never been)! Last weekend in February- Momma and I run a 5K at the Fort Worth Stockyards!

Are you jealous of my life right now? I'm just a little excited. You can be a part of it if you want.