As I sat on the rooftop, tip-toeing to make sure our footsteps were only a mere noise, I thought about all the things that have been, the things that are, and the things yet to be. I praised God for the blessing of the community of girls He gave me after a season of hopelessness. I praised God for girls who speak truth into my life day in and day out. For their harsh but loving words towards my struggles and the desires of my heart. I thought about the blessings I'm leaving behind for three months and I thought about the possibilities that are before me. I thought of the mountains, the crisp air, the sunshine, and the adventure that this summer is going to hold. The beauty of new friends and the continuing journey of finding myself. I thought of joy. The joy that the Lord has restored in me in spite of my failures. I praised God for things that I didn't struggle with. I praised God for not living in fear. I am so thankful for the opportunities set before me. I pray that I will live a life full of adventure and spontaneity. Excitement fills my heart just thinking about the next three months. I am ready, Lord!