I saw this painting in New Mexico and wanted to buy it in the auction so badly. Then decided that I could paint it myself instead. Challenge? Yes. I'm nervous.. But it's going to happen.

Today: The woman from Today's Letters (Emily Loerke) commented on my friend Victoria's status and said that her and I were "too cute". It was like that feeling when a famous person tweets you back.. Except better. Because she is was more inspirational than any famous person is.

Pretty exciting, if you ask me :) That's all for today.


Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.


"People keep telling me that I fall in love too easily- that I should protect my heart, that I shouldn’t wear my heart on my sleeve… I fall in love at least 20 times a day. I fall in love with the sky and the sun and the flowers. I fall in love with smiles, with music on the radio and with french fries and Dr. Pepper. I fall in love with the sound of laughter, blue jeans, accents… Sometimes I fall in love with complete strangers, especially the ones holding hands and being all cute in public. The ones who aren’t afraid to be in love with the idea of being in love either. I don’t mind the pain of unrequited love so much, because I think they’re wrong. Love looks good on me."


Dear iPhone, I'm sorry... but it's over. You are really great and it's cool that basically the whole population owns one of you, but I am not one of those anymore. I have traded you in for a phone that does the exact same things but is less breakable. Sorry it had to be this way, but I'm happier now. Dear Weekend, TOO FAST. Dear Psych Test Tomorrow, I'm not too scared of you. Don't prove me wrong. Dear Clean Bathroom, I knew that when Mommy came this weekend, you would get a little bath. Thanks be to her! Dear Lord, thank you for teaching me about your truths through more than just biblical references. Science is starting to become more interesting. Thank you for continuing to pursue me and help me learn more about YOU.


Dear Bestfriend, surprising me this weekend = LEGIT. Thanks for being so awesome. Dear Test Weeks, SO. GLAD. YOU. ARE. OVER. Dear Lake Bryan, I will be visiting you sometime this week to explore/hammock. Get excited. Dear N*SYNC Pandora Station, you basically rocked my face off when Court and I drove home yesterday. Three hours of old memories made the traffic slightly less awful. Dear Future Husband, I hope you are an aggie. If not, please pretend to enjoy our weird traditions and sayings. Thanks & Gig 'Em. Dear Joley, ever since going to Midnight Yell last night, you haven't stopped saying "Got a little story for ya, Ags"... I think you are becoming one of us. Now move to College Station. Thanks. Dear King of Kings, you have given me so many blessings. Thanks for still caring about a nobody like me.