Dear Stress, you are unwelcomed here from now on. Dear Weekend at Home, please don't disappoint. I know that you will be somewhat filled with studying, but I'd like to have some fun too. Maybe just a little. Dear Life, you think you're funny and ironic and sneaky... well, you are. Dear Personality Psychology Test, I feel like I know everything, but at the same time... that worries me that I think that. Let's. Not. Blow. It. Dear Jesus, I love being reminded of Your sweet love when listening closely to the lyrics of a song. It's so relaxing to know that Your love reaches farther than I can fall. Thank you for that.


Dear Large Field of Nothingness, I want to be there and spend a day with you. Dear Weekend, you were chill. Thank you for not bringing chaos into my life. Much appreciated. Dear Headache the Size of Russia, come again later. Or not. I'm trying to study. Dear Nap at 5:30 PM, I know I will regret you. Dear Jesus, sometimes it's hard to hear you saying "You are enough. I have called you to be in this position" in the midst of satan's lies. Thank you for being persistent.


Dear Bed, this is what I looked like today when we were hanging out. Let's just say, we had some legit quality time. Dear School, thanks for not being a part of my life today. One- because I like to sleep and two- because classes cancelled are so wonderful. Dear Trashy TV Shows, I'm sorry that I enjoy you so much. Dear Kyle Field, tonight you will be blessed with the presence of thousands of college students worshipping the One who gave His life so that we could have ours. Get excited! Dear Jesus, I hate that you are so forgiving sometimes. I don't deserve it one bit. I'm sorry that I don't always believe that YOU are the only one that can truly satisfy me. Please keep reminding me.


decorating & happiness

Dear Wil Group Reunion Sleepover, staying up until after 3 a.m. made me feel like a real college student and spending hours just talking to you girls about accountability and struggles made me realize why the Lord put y'all in my life. Thank you. Dear Football Games, you would be way more legit if it weren't a thousand degrees outside and if we didn't stand all game. Work on that, please. Dear Momma, you helped SO much this weekend with all of the things that I couldn't do. These included: getting my bike fixed, putting up shelves, making pillows, getting curtains, making crafts with my roomies, and fixing my orange hair. You truly are superwoman. Dear Bedroom With New Decorations, You. Look. Fabulous. I feel so at home here now and I love spending time in here. Dear Wil Group Leader Retreat, I loved meeting all of my fellow WG Leaders and spending a WHOLE day with them. Yay for new friends. Dear Jesus, this whole weekend was just a reassurance of your grace and blessings in my life. You have put such wonderful opportunities and people in front of me that lead me to trust You more and more each day. Forgive me if there is ever a day that I am not amazed by the beauty of what You did on the cross for me so that I can live this life of mine. You. Are. All. I. Need.


worship & hammocks

Dear Hammock, you have not been put to use since I've been back in Texas. Let's make a date soon? Circle YES or NO. Dear New Jeans, you have a foul smell coming from you and I don't know how to rid you of it. Don't blame it on me- blame it on Target... or the alcohol (get it?). Dear Worship Practice, you are so wonderful. I love the time of fellowship and laughter with sweet girls. Thursday's are my new F-A-V-E! Dear Nervousness, how about you bust out some Philippians 4:6. Memorize, meditate. Dear Weekend, you are going to bless me so! LOVE IT! Come sooner.


dirty TOMS & new friends

Dear New Bike Basket, I'm happy you came in the mail today and I can't wait to put you on my bike... once it's fully put together. Dear TOMS, you + rain = sick nasty. Dirt was everywhere and my heart dropped. Now I can barely see everyone's names who signed them this summer. Please come clean soon. Dear Eastern Conference Champions, your songs are the reason that I love the harmonica. Dear New Friends, today in Planet Earth lab, your friendship reassured me that I'm not alone and that I am smart enough to attend A&M.. and for that, 3 high fives for y'all. Dear Breakaway, thank you for being the highlight of my week. My life and this campus is better because of your ministry. Keep it up! Dear Rudy's BBQ, I've heard good things about you but I've never tasted your deliciousness. Please don't let me down tonight. Dear Lover of my Soul, yesterday was a day in which I lived my life and didn't think about my life at all. Happiest. Day. Ever. Thank you for being my comfort, my healer, and for constantly whispering "You are strong enough" in my ear when I've forgotten. For that, I am forever grateful.


Over sleeping & Rain

Dear Sleep, thank you for blessing me with a little extra of you last night. Dear Rain, please try to be more enjoyable like you were when you were falling behind the mountains in New Mexico. Dear Self, today is your day to be productive and de-clutter your room so that you can be happier. Really though, a clean room makes for a happy girl. Dear Breakaway, I love that you are so popular this year but please let me be able to hear tonight when I'm most likely sitting on the balcony. Thanks and Gig 'Em. Dear Creator of the Universe, thank you for the opportunities of leadership you've put in front of me. I'm so excited to serve You through leading other girls while bringing glory to Your name. You. Are. Awesome.


Today's Letters

Through friend's blogs, I've now stumbled across todaysletters.com. Truly one of the coolest blogs I've ever seen. It makes me feel insecure about my less than interesting blog posts about New Mexico and life as we know it. In honor of trying to become a more serious blogger, I decided to spice up my page and copy the letters idea a bit. Likey?

Dear Personal Style, You're ridiculous. Orange hair (yes, I messed it up). Pierced nose. Broken jeans. Grandma glasses. TOMS. Cool, right? Dear Sweet Sweet Jesus, thank you for saving me. Really. I'm a mess. Thank you for constantly believing in me and forgiving me day in and day out. Dear Room, why don't you clean yourself up once in a while? Dear New Mexico, when I think about you, I get tears in my eyes. Let's live together someday. Dear New Picture Frames, I love filling you with memories. Thanks for reminding me everyday of how sweet life can be. Dear Self, stop being lazy and be productive from now on. I just call it like I see it.

Happy Monday!